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$85,000 Loch Up heads to AscotVideo

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Ascot Stud’s $85,000 purchase Milah Murah Loch Up L133. Photo – Ben Simpson.HE’s one of the best Angus bulls in Australia, and he’s now inQueensland.

Millah Murrah Loch Up L133 has been bought by Jim Wedge and Jackie Chard’s Ascot Stud at Warwick for a stunning $85,000 atthe Thompson family’sannual Millah Murrah bull sale at Goonamurrah,Bathurst, on September 1.

Mr Wedge said the AI calf Loch Up (by the US sireThomas Up River 1614 and out ofMillah Murrah BrendaH49) was ofthetype and and had the confirmation that wasthe focus ofthe Ascot operation.

Loch Up is thehighest priced Angus bull sold in Australia this year.

“Our overriding aimis to deliver low risk, thick, polled bulls, bred with an MSA targeted approach,” Mr Wedge said.

“These strict standards are designed to produce bulls that will improve the long term efficiency and profitability of the beef industry.

“The result is progeny that will calve easily, grow, finish quickly and grade highly.

“The beautifully balancedLochup certainly fits that objective.”

Ascot Stud’s promotional video.Based on his Estimated Breeding Values (EBV) rankingsLoch Up is in the top 1 per cent of his breed. The EBVs include the top 1pcfor 200, 400, 600 days weight gain andcarcase weight. He’s also in the top 1pc for scrotal size, days to calving, theAngus breeding index, domestic index, heavy grain Index, and heavy grass Index.Loch Up is also in the top 5pc for rump fat, the top 10pc for rib fat,mature cow weight andmilk. He’s also in the top 30pc for intramuscular fat.

Ascothas since leased the international semen rights for Loch Up to ABS Australia.

With the $85,000 top priced bull Millah Murrah Loch Up L133 are auctioneer Paul Dooley, Tamworth, breeders Ross Thompson and Wyatt Thompson, Millah Murrah, Bathurst, buyer Jim Wedge, Ascot Stud, Warwick, and Bill Cornell ABS Australia.

Ascot has a long standingconnection with Millah Murrah. Millah Murrahsale bulls produced from semen purchased from the leadAscot sire Hallmark H147 were in demand atlast week’s sale.The 10 Hallmark sons offeredaveraged $19,000. Overall theMillah Murrah sale averaged, $16,300 setting anew Australian record for any breed.

Ascot is also offeringfive Hallmark sons at the annual on-farm Ascot bull sale at North Toolburra, Warwick, on September 23.At this year’s sale54 Angus and 56 Charolais bulls will be offered. Mostwill be twoyear olds.

Ascot has about550 stud breeding females consisting of 300Angus and250 Charolais running at North Toolburra and Glen Innes.

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Kangaroo pet food trial makes perfect sense

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KANGAROOSmight hold the exalted position of gracing this nation’s coat of arms, but that does not shield themfrom persecution.

These days the iconic native marsupials arefrequently ranked alongsideintroduced species such as cane toads andrabbits as our most destructive pests.

This might seem a bit unfair on one of ourmost recognisable animals, which in no small part has helped put Australia on the world tourist map.

But the simple fact is these stately creatures are merely a victim of their own success.

They have spent millions of years adapting to Australia’sharsh environment, meaning they are uniquely placed to thrive in conditions that would trigger population crashes in other species.

The result is that kangaroos exist in plague proportions across vast swathes of Australia –not least of all central Victoria –and cause significant damage to both crops and cars.

Our drought-stricken farmers have struggled enough in recent years without losing any of their precious, income-generating crops to kangaroos to the hungry stomachs of kangaroos.

And RACV statistics showmotorists in the City of Greater Bendigo region are at greater risk of colliding with a roo than drivers in any other municipality in Victoria.

In 2014, the insurer received almost 3600 insurance claims from motorists with kangaroo blood on their bonnets, compared to just 240 claims for wombat-related damage.

The weekend’s announcement that Greater Bendigo, as well as the local government areas of Loddon, Glenelg and West Wimmera, would be added to an expanded pet food cull program is welcomenews.

The state government initiative has so far seen more than 30,000 kangaroos culled and processed into pet food.

Last year, then Bendigo mayor and chairman of the Loddon Campaspe councils Peter Cox saw the benefits of the trial andwrote to the government requesting the region’s participation.

He argued there was little value in merely shootingkangaroos threatening crops and leaving their carcasses to rot in paddocks when a practical use for their meat is available.

As unpalatable as it might seem, it makes far more sense to wring whatever value we can from what is a much-needed population control measure.

– Ross Tyson, deputy editor

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Religion causes friction

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THE SteppingOut4Youth centre has been forced to relocate after it was told to include teachings of God into its program and refused to do so.

SteppinOut4Youth hadbeen located in a building within the Leeton Salvation Army’s headquarters in Maple Street, but is now searching for a new home.

The Salvation Army said it never made the request to include religious teachings.Co-ordinator Anna Celi said the Salvation Army had requested the program find a way to include God in its activities, but that wasn’t something SteppinOut4Youth wanted to do.

“We’re a youth group for the kids …the CRC church has a great youth group that includes that sort of thing in their activities, but it’s not something we would do,” Mrs Celi said.

“SteppinOut4Youth is about bringing kids together and having a positive impact on them.The centre provides a place for them to go. We have two current programs happening at the moment and they will still continue. We just need to find somewhere permanent for the centre.

“Every Friday we have kids coming in of all ages and they really take ownership of what they want to do.It is disappointing that we now have to move …we’ve been in there for about 13 months, but we’ll pick ourselves up and be bigger and better.”

A Salvation Army spokesman denied the organisation had told SteppinOut4Youth to start including religion its programs.

“No, this is simply not true,” the spokesman said.“While the SteppinOut4Youth program operates on a Salvation Army site, the program is run independently of the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army did not make this request.

“Leeton Salvation Army leadership and church members are currently reassessing their resources, both financial and personnel, and are planning a way forward to continue to meet the needs of the Leeton community.”To assist the group in finding a permanent home contact Mrs Celi.

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Horwood confident Lions can turn tables

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Sunbury coach Rick Horwood has no doubt the Lions are capable of turning the tables on Bacchus Marsh if they meet again in the Ballarat Football League grand final.

Sunbury coach Rick Horwood

Horwood was encouraged by the way Sunbury responded to Bacchus Marsh’s flying start, but obviously disappointed that his charges allowed the Cobras what turned out to be a match-winning start.

“They came to play. We didn’t.

“They were more committedat the football.We were second to ball.”

Horwood said while the response after thesluggish start was encouraging, the efforts to get back into the game had taken a toll.

“Chasing down big margins takes its out of you.”

He said unless you could wrest the lead,it was difficult to maintain the effort.

Horwood was also pleased with Sunbury’s conversion rate from inside 50m at various times throughout the game, but it was all about playing smarter. in the first place.

Over the day the Lions simply did not create the same opportunities that Bacchus Marsh was able to do with 33 scoring shots to 20.

There waslittle between Bacchus Marsh and Sunbury on the scoreboard between quarter time and 25 minutes into the last term.

The Cobras added 10.12 to Sunbury’s10.2.

It was only in the dying minutes that Bacchus Marsh opened up for a second time with fourgoals by the deadly duoof Jarrah Maksymow and Damien Cupido.

On-field was not the only place to contrast the teams.

While Bacchus Marsh squeezed in the vicinity of 150 fans and officials in the rooms post-match, Sunbury had only ahandful of people around it as it licked its wounds.

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